Student, Employee, and Public Records Requests

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Public Records Requests

  • Guilford County Schools strives to be open and transparent about district information, projects, initiatives, data and challenges. The Chief of Staff's office tracks and responds to public records requests that involve any district department. If you'd like more information about public records in general, please click here.   

    The public records of Guilford County Schools are governed by North Carolina General Statute §132-6.2 and Guilford County Board of Education Policy 5070/7530 – Public Records - Retention, Release, and Disposition.

    Under N.C. General Statute 132-6.2, records custodians are permitted to charge a fee when copies of records are requested. This charge is based on the actual cost of making the copy. There is not a fee to inspect public records in person. Please see the statute, linked above, for further information.

    Please use the portal below to submit a public records request. Thank you.

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    Public Records Request Portal

What is a Public Record?

  • Public records are documents or materials made or received by government agencies in North Carolina while conducting government business; records may include electronic, paper, or other material, regardless of physical form or characteristic.

    Please be aware that Guilford County Board of Education policy, nor North Carolina law require a government agency to create or compile records or databases that do not already exist.  The purpose of a public records request is to allow examination of existing documents created while doing the business of the government. 

    What is Exempt from Disclosure Under The Public Records Act?

    The Public Records laws exempt from disclosure to the public various documents, including, but not limited to:

    • Information that is otherwise privileged based on some exception to the Public Records Act, such as student records (G.S. §115C-402) or personnel records (G.S.§ 115C-319 et seq.)
    • Student data (for example, references to a child’s health conditions, grades, IEP or discipline issues) made confidential by state or federal laws
    • Confidential employee information (any information in the Personnel File not available for inspection, for example, resume or credentials, home address, investigative documentation, or date-of-birth)
    • Medical records of employees or students
    • Attorney-client communications and the documents protected by the Work Product Doctrine
    • Emergency response plans/public security plans
    • Documents that contain trade secrets

Publicly Available Information