Service Learning in GCS

  • It is the mission of GCS that every student receives a world-class education and

    leaves prepared to succeed in the college or career of their choice. One proven way

    of achieving that mission is through character development and service-learning.

    Students involved in service-learning are far more likely to become civic minded

    and involved in their community years after they graduate. They also improve their

    social and personal skills, the “essential” or “soft skills” we hear so many employers

    say they look for in potential employees. We must engage students and give

    them opportunities to work alongside others. Service-learning, when done well,

    accomplishes this.


    The district is implementing social emotional learning as a framework to support

    and build on the work being done through character development and service

    learning. Social emotional learning is the process through which children and

    adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and

    show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make

    responsible decisions. As we strengthen these skills throughout our classrooms and

    buildings, we expect to see a greater focus on serving others, as well as increased

    student achievement and improved behavior.


    Our district is dedicated to transforming learning and life outcomes for all students,

    and service-learning is one important way we can help do that.