Week of March 16, 2020


    Complete your Daily Zearn Lesson and the matching Succeed Lesson each day.  Start with Lesson 10 on Tuesday and Finish with Lesson 13 on Friday***

    DO NOT GO PAST LESSON 13-not all lessons line up with NC standards

    Note:  The Zearn Lessons are guided and should be done FIRST.  Make sure to complete every step in each lesson. Each Lesson has 5 steps:
    • 2 Fluency Lessons
    • 1 Guided Practice Lesson
    • 1 Independent Lesson (AKA "The Tower of Power")
    • Bonus Round

    Step 2 - Succeed Book Practice
    Please use Homework Helpers to Guide You
    Tuesday: M5, Lesson 10 (May already be complete)- problem #1 a-d
    Wednesday:  M5, Lesson 11 - (May already be complete)- problem #1 a-c
    Thursday: M5, Lesson 12 - problem #1 a-d
    Friday:  M5, Lesson 13 - problem #1 a-d

    Tuesday:  Go to StoryWorks website: https://storyworks.scholastic.com 
    Classroom Password: piekind7
    Watch the video (located at the bottom of the story page): Behind the Scenes: "Out of the Burning Darkness"
    Watch the Vocabulary “Slideshow”
    Look at the Detailed Text Features “Slideshow”
    Listen to and read along with the “Story Read-Aloud: 800L-900L"
    Wednesday:  Read "Out of the Burning Darkness" again today. 
    Complete “Exploring Text Features” sheet. (It will be emailed to parents Wednesday.)
    Thursday:  Complete “Making Inferences” sheet. (It will be emailed to parents Thursday.)
    Friday: Complete “Writing a Summary” sheet. (It will be emailed to parents Friday.) • Complete the comprehension quiz. It will be available to be completed online Friday.


    Independent Reading: read for 50-60 minutes and answer write a brief summary of 3-4 sentences daily. 

    Social Studies

    Social Studies will be integrated through ELA .

    Tuesday: go to: LearnEdnotebooks link

    Press login, select NC tab, and then the 5th grade tab.

    Select the Force and Motion book

    Login as a student using the code:2938 

    Complete Pg. 8-9 in mini-booklets that were sent home.
    Watch “Fan Falls During Race Against The Freeze”.


    Watch for the differences & similarities in their velocities. How were their speeds different?

    -LearnEdnotebooks.com(same login steps as Tuesday) 

    Force and Motion

    Pg. 10-11
    Friday: Quiz-We will be sending a link from Microsoft forms to your emails