• My name is Zulema Silva. I was born and raised in Ecuador. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Education (with concentration in Linguistics) in 1995 and my Master of Arts (Spanish/ Hispanic Literature) from New Mexico State University in 2008.
     I have been teaching Spanish since 2001 in North Carolina. I began teaching in the United States as an exchange Spanish teacher in the Guilford County Public School System. I have also taught at North Carolina A&T University, U.N.C.G, G.T.C.C, RCC, Oak Ridge Military Academy, Randolph County and Asheboro City Schools. I have been doing Cultural presentations in places all over North Carolina. I was nominated as Guilford County’s Cultural Teacher of the Year 2002.
     I am a co-investigator for UNCG and Ohio University doing interventions for Hispanic Diabetic community.



    Queridos estudiantes:

    During this school closure due to COVID-19 students will have notes and activities to look at and complete in CANVAS.  I will provide students with modules that will represent the units we are covering.  In each module students will have notes that they can access as well as assignments that they will need to complete and submit to the CANVAS platform.  During this time I will be available through email at silvaz@gcsnc.com. Hope to see everyone real soon. 


    Daily Schedule Spring Semester

                   SPANISH II        1st Block ~ 9:55am - 11:30 am.

                                   PLANNING        2nd Block ~ 11:35am - 1:25pm (Lunch-Almuerzo)

               SPANISH I        3rd Block ~ 1:30pm - 2:55pm

              SPANISH I                   4th Block ~ 3:00pm - 4:25pm


    Tutoring Schedule



Señora Zulema Silva