• Our School Counselors


    Ms. Scharlie Shupe

    4th-8th VS Program and 6th grade students



    Ms. Lakisha Dockery

    7th and 8th grade District and Magnet students


    • What We Do:

      As school counselors...

      We provide comprehensive school counseling programs that improve student achievement and enhance the academic, career and personal/social development of all students.The comprehensive school counseling program is delivered through classroom guidance lessons, individual student planning sessions, and individual and group counseling.  School counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators and other school staff to promote student success.  School counselors also provide leadership and advocacy to promote equity and access to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences for all students.


      Examples of Services We Provide Include:

      Guidance Curriculum- Some examples of guidance lessons we provide might include:

      • Anti-Bullying
      • Middle School Transitions
      • Planning for the Future 

      Small Groups

      • Students are also able to participate in counseling groups. 
      • Groups focus on topics that several students are experiencing and can be a great way for students to relate to others while addressing an area of concern.
      • Other topics for guidance and groups include: academic skills support, peer relationships and communicating, conflict resolution, multicultural/diversity awareness


      • We offer one on one for students seeking support
      • Topics might include: goal-setting, academic planning and assistance, career planning, education in understanding self and others, or school transition planning
      • Confidentiality  

      Responsive Services

      • referrals to outside agencies
      • individual and group counseling
      • crisis intervention with individuals, families, and school crisis

      Systems support

      • Collaborating with staff, parents, and community members
      • Collaborating with members of the school's student services team along with our school social worker, and school psychologist
      • Collaborating with Administration 


      All of our meetings and interactions with students are confidential.  However, safety is our greatest priority and if a student is being harmed, or harming others, we must break this confidentiality to make sure all students are safe.