Wireless internet access is available in the following locations, and is provided by GCS and non-GCS organizations.


  • Connect to: Hotspot
  • Password: (no password required)

GCS Sites with Parking Lot Hotspots

  • Allen Jay Elementary
  • Allen Jay Middle
  • Andrews High
  • Christine Joyner Greene Ed Center
  • Eastern High
  • Herbin-Metz Education Center
  • Hunter Elementary
  • Jamestown Middle
  • McLeansville Elementary
  • McNair Elementary
  • Monticello Brown Summit Elementary
  • Montlieu Elementary
  • Northeast High
  • Oak Hill Elementary
  • Simkins Elementary
  • Southern High
  • Union Hill Elementary
  • Western Middle
  • Wiley Elementary

  Map of GCS sites and non-GCS sites where internet access is available