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  • What is a Micro-credential?

    Micro-credentials are different from professional learning opportunities in several ways. Traditional professional learning opportunities aim to provide participants with meaningful learning experiences where credit is awarded for attending or engaging in the event. In a micro-credential, participants have the opportunity to reflect and explore a skill or area of their practice and demonstrate their mastery of that skill.  A micro-credential, and course credit, is awarded only when the participant has successfully demonstrated the skill.

    A Micro-Credential is recognition achieved through demonstrating mastery of a defined skill or competency including industry-recognized competencies. There are four key features that define educator micro-credentials:

    • Competency-Based
    • Personalized
    • On-demand
    • Research-based


    Micro-credentials recognize the hard work that you put in every day as an educator. If you have put in the time to learn a skill on your own for the betterment of your job and your students' success, then a Micro-credential is a place to demonstrate that skill and be recognized for it.

    Each Micro-credential below will lead to the registration page in Performance Matters with a description that identifies a skill set you need to have to successfully complete the micro-credential. In most cases there will also be an accompanying course hyperlinked to complete if you need to learn the skill first. Once you identify if you have the prior knowledge you can proceed to the Micro-credential. Each micro-credential will consist of five assignments. 


    Micro-credential Details:

    • Upon successful completion of a GCS micro-credential, participants will receive 2 CEU's.
    • The micro-credential will take approximately 20 hours to complete.
    • This micro-credential is self paced and can be completed in as many sittings as necessary. 
      • Micro-credentials can take months to complete the full process
    • All submissions will be strictly assessed based on accompanying rubrics.
    • Demonstrated mastery means that all submission must be demonstrated before credit is awarded.
    • Micro-credentials can be resubmitted until mastery is met.


    ***If you are interested in creating a Micro-credential, contact Tonisha Walden and Lande Brady for development and approval.***