• School Based Leadership Team Members

        Rachel Lewis lewisr4@gcsnc.com (Principal) 

        Dionne Layne layned@gcsnc.com (Curriculum Facilitator) (Chairperson)

        Gwendolyn Atkinson atkinsg@gcsnc.com (Counselor)

        Daniel Bressler bressld@gcsnc.com (Science Dept)

        Kathy Dollyhigh dollyhk2@gcsnc.com (English Dept)

        Dawn Harris harrisd2@gcsnc.com (Math Dept.)

        Deandra Johnson johnsod16@gcsnc.com (Social Worker)

        Haley Evans evansh@gcsnc.com (Classified Personnel)

        Porsha Parker-Partee parkerp2@gcsnc.com (Career Dev.)

        Timothy Ross rosst@gcsnc.com  (Social Studies Dept.)  

        Sonya Wagstaff wagstas@gcsnc.com (EC Dept)

          Parent Representatives

         LaShauna Ballard

         Ronnette Hamilton

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     2023-2024 Meeting Dates:

              The School Improvement Team (SIT) meets on the 2nd Wednesday

                             of each month, starting at 4:40PM.

              The Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) meets on the 3rd Wednesday

                             of each month, also starting at 4:40PM.  T

    The dates for the 2023-2024 school year are:

      Fall 2023            Spring 2024

     Sep 6 (SIT)           Jan 10 (SIT)  

     Sep 20  (ILT)        Jan 17  (ILT)  

     Oct 4  (SIT)          Feb 14 (SIT)    

     Oct 18  (ILT)        Feb 21  (ILT)  

    Nov 1  (SIT)        Mar 13 (SIT)   

    Nov 15  (ILT)       Mar 20  (ILT)   

    Dec 6  (SIT)         Apr 10 (SIT)    

    Dec 15  (ILT)       Apr 17  (ILT)  

                                  May 8 (SIT)    

                                  May 15  (ILT)