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  •  GCS CTE's Why:

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepares all students for high skill, high wage or in-demand careers. The experience begins with career inspiration in Pre-K, awareness in elementary school, exploration in middle school, and preparation in high school. CTE equips students for post-secondary education and immediate employment opportunities to successfully compete worldwide.



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    High school students involved in CTE are more engaged, perform better and graduate at higher rates.
    • Taking one CTE class for every two academic classes minimizes the risk of students dropping out of high school.
    • The average high school graduation rate for students concentrating in CTE programs is 93 percent, compared to an average national freshman graduation rate of 80 percent.
    • 91 percent of high school graduates who earned 2-3 CTE credits enrolled in college.

    Source: ACTEonline.org

    The Six C's in CTE...

    • Credentials can be earned and reported through September 3rd for the 2020-2021 school year. Currently, 2,907 credentials have been earned for the last school year. 
    • College Credits are an excellent way for students to continue pathways started in high school and earn additional credentials. Currently, 219 students are enrolled in CTE CCP classes across our district.
    • Career Placements position our students for applications of technical skills in an authentic work-based learning setting. Currently, there are 63 students engaged in internships and apprenticeships across GCS.
    • Concentrators demonstrate the completion of a focused CTE pathway and increasing concentrator status continues to be part of our continuous improvement efforts, with a goal of 35% by 2022.
    • Courageous Partnerships with industry leaders are critical to high-quality CTE programs and each school's engagement with a Business Advisory Committee ensures teachers are in touch with current industry trends and innovations.
    • Continued Innovation in facilities, equipment, and curriculum keep our students engaged with cutting-edge information and prepare them for success as they prepare to compete in a global workforce.