• MYP Fundamental Concepts

    The MYP is guided by three fundamental concepts: Holistic learning, intercultural awareness, and communication.   The concepts are defined in MYP: From Principles into Practice in the following manner:

    • Holistic Learning: “Whereas traditional curriculum frameworks have usually described the curriculum in terms of a body of knowledge only, the MYP views the curriculum as meeting the needs of the whole person. […] The MYP places great emphasis on the understanding of concepts, the mastery of skills, and the development of attitudes that can lead to considered and appropriate action.” 
    • Intercultural Awareness: “A principle central to the MYP is that students should develop international-mindedness. They should be encouraged to consider issues from multiple perspectives. […] Whatever the school, opportunities will exist to develop students’ attitudes, knowledge, concepts, and skills as they learn about their own and others’ social, national, and ethnic cultures.”
    • Communication: “The MYP stresses the fundamental importance of communication, verbal and non-verbal, in realizing the aims of the programme. A good command of expression in all its forms is fundamental to learning. In most MYP subject groups, communication is both an objective and an assessment criterion, as it supports understanding and allows student reflection and expression.” 

    These three concepts, along with the IB learner profile and the areas of interaction, help to guide MYP schools as they implement the programme in the eight subject areas.

    Source: MYP: From Principles into Practice