• Collaborative Format: The Theatre and our space is the most collaborative of all art forms. It is therefore important to cultivate an environment of cooperation, respect, and understanding for this class to function properly. It is expected of students to participate in all activities and to maintain a positive attitude. If any student cannot contribute positively to this environment, he, she, or they will have a conference with Mr. Luck on how to improve their performance.

    Extracurricular: Get involved with the Northwest drama and yearbook program! Audition, work backstage or come see a show. Additionally, we may have performance opportunities with NWGHS Theatre Arts programs. Stay tuned for Field trips to the Theater and outside opportunities. You will be notified of auditions in advance, students taking Theatre arts are never required to audition for a show, it is extracurricular only.

    Canvas: Please check Canvas on a regular basis (especially when absent) and use this tool to contact each other and me with questions or concerns relating to the course.

    Turning in Work: Projects will be turned in to me, most assignments we will complete in class together and will embody a performance, task, or exercise. Any homework assignments/classwork will be turned in to Canvas or shared in class. Performances will be evaluated in class.

    Absences: If you miss a day of class, you will need to consult Canvas or the weekly agenda to retrieve your missed work. I am flexible with absences as life happens and we miss class. If you are not in classes for a period, please come see me and we will figure out the best solution.

    Classroom Procedures

    • You are to be in the room when the bell rings.
    • If you are absent, check Canvas and/or the weekly schedule to retrieve your missed work.
    • If you need to leave the room for any reason, you must ask permission and fill out the Microsoft form.
    • Unless given permission, you are always to remain in your seat during the class period.
    • Do not go behind my desk for any reason without permission.
    • Do not pack up early to leave class.
    • Recycle all paper. Please do not throw the paper away.
    • Projects need to be turned in to me, performances will be completed in class.
    • I am here to help you. If you need extra assistance or clarification, please see me before or after class and we can arrange a time to meet.

    Classroom Expectations

    • Come to class on time, ready to learn, and with your course materials, including your Devices.
    • Participate in-class activities and discussions.
    • Complete work assigned to you, stay on task and do what is asked of you.
    • BE RESPECTFUL of the opinions, ideas, personal property, and space of others.
    • If you want to be treated as an adult, please treat others the same you wish to be treated.
    • Do not speak while others are speaking, wait patiently with your hand raised.
    • PROFANITY is not to be used in an educational environment, it is unprofessional and rude. Do not use derogatory language, especially cursing, threatening others, or targeting.
    • Put your best effort forth in everything you do.
    • Follow all school rules. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate consequences. Office referral or counselor referral.


    Technology Policies

    • The only electronic device we will be utilizing in the classroom is your Chromebooks. If cell phones are seen out during class without permission or not on a break, the following actions will be taken:

    1st Offense: Verbal warning

    2nd Offense: Phone taken until the end of class

    3rd Offense: Phone taken until the end of class/lunch detention

    • When the bell rings, YOUR HEADPHONES MUST BE TAKEN OUT OF YOUR EARS and must stay that way unless given permission to listen to music while working.
    • We will have periodic phone breaks, 5 minutes max per class period. You may sometimes listen to music if you are working on a project, I will give you permission in advance. 


    • You are required to have one NOTEBOOK to use for work in this class.
    • You will need a FOLDER specifically for materials from this class.
    • Most importantly, keep your Core/Encore classwork as organized as possible.


    Your grade will be determined by your work in the following areas:

    • Warmups, Discussions, Participation- 30%
    • Fundamental and Technique Practice, Rehearsal during class, Working time in class - 35%
    • Performances/Test/Quizzes- 35%

    Grading Scale

    90-100 A                                  70-80 C

    80-90 B                                  60-670 D