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Frequently Asked Questions about the Early/Middle College @ GTCC Jamestown

  • FAQs

    • Where are you located?  We are located on the GTCC Jamestown Campus, in the Community Training center


    • What grades do you serve?   We accept all students entering their 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade years.   The number of students accepted at each grade level is different, with more incoming 9th graders being accepted than incoming 12th graders. 


    • How many students do you have?   For the 2020-21 school year, we have approximately 270 students enrolled.  


    • What are the hours?  The high school day begins at 11 am and runs until 5:15 pm.  


    • Is there transportation?  Yes.  Guilford county buses drop off and pick up our students.   These buses are for the HS and the times may not fit the needs of a student taking some college classes.  You should fill out a transportation request form for changes to bus pick-up/drop-off locations. 


    • How many students take college classes?  We currently have 100+ students taking college classes. 


    • How do the students perform in their college classes?   Last year, 93% of the students taking college classes earned a C or higher. 


    • How many applications do you receive?   We receive about 300 applications during the magnet season. We will then accept and invite 45 students to enter our program. 


    • When can students take college classes?  Students need to first pass the GTCC placement (COMPASS) test or score at a certain level on the PLAN, PSAT, ACT, or SAT.   Students who pass the placement test are then reviewed by the faculty for attendance, attitude, and general readiness for the college classroom. 


    • What do I need to apply?   You will need to fill out the current application form on SchoolMint and submit it by the application deadline.  
    • How do I apply?   The magnet application period will open in January and close in  March. Please visit our application page for the application. Late applications will NOT be accepted.