• Mr. G. McCollum B.A.

    My name is Mr. McCollum and I am extremely excited to be your 8th grade Social Studies teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. I am a graduate of Livingstone College with an undergraduate degree in History education and this will be my 9th year teaching Arts & Humanities in Guilford County.

    Hailing originally from Winston-Salem, I understand the benefits of education in an urban community and have held strong to the old adage that academics will take you anywhere and wherever you want to go. In saying so, reading will be fundamental in this course and practiced daily. 

    My course will prepare you to enter high school with the prerequisites that are necessary to tackle history related classes. Students will begin the course virtually with assignments being generated 3 times weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Its a requirement for students to log on daily to check their canvas for updated tasks. Feel free to contact me via email or text/call if you have any questions related to assignments or procedure.  

    The scholar will be well versed in the ability to analyze primary and secondary sources, make inference about historical events and respectfully debate while choosing a side. Hopefully we will be able to debate in person soon. I look forward to meeting you all face to face. 

    email: mccollg@gcsnc.com

    text/call: (336) 701-1968

    History is made by those who put the pen to paper to write it!yay! History!!

Mr. McCollum