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GAP Application Process

Student Application Steps

The Apprenticeship Application Process

If you’re considering apprenticeship, the application process is designed to give you more insight and help you decide if apprenticeship is a good pathway for you. You’ll get a chance to tour companies and see actual job and career possibilities in action. The steps to becoming an apprentice also ensure the apprenticeship is a good match for both you, as a student, and the participating company. 

Whether apprenticeship is your number one goal or you’re still exploring your options, start with the steps below to learn more and begin the application process.

Step 1: Gather Information and Explore 

There are a number of ways to learn more about apprenticeship opportunities in Guilford County. Look for the following events and opportunities.

  • Informational sessions will be held each fall at local high schools and other locations. These sessions are open to both students and parents. 
  • Talk to your school’s career development coordinator about apprenticeship. 
  • If you are homeschooled or cannot find information at your school about apprenticeship, contact Guilford Apprenticeship Partners
  • Talk to your parents or guardians about apprenticeship. It’s an exciting opportunity, but also a big commitment.  A parent or guardian is also required to accompany you on company tours. 

Step 2: Attend Company Tours  – Late Fall and Early Winter

From November to late January, students and parents are able to tour companies who offer apprenticeships. Each tour typically lasts about an hour, and you are able to learn about how the company operates, specific apprenticeship opportunities, possible career pathways, employee benefits, and more. Apprenticeship applicants and a parent or guardian must attend at least one company tour in order to apply. 

Step 3:  Apply – Late Fall and Early Winter

GAP student applications are typically available in October and are due in January.  Check back here for a link to the application in the fall. 

Step 4: Invitations Sent to Attend March Orientation 

After a review of applications, selected students will be invited to continue in the process with an orientation held in Mid February and/or March. The orientation is held over four evenings. 

  • Students will participate in hands-on activities, problem solving situations, team-building scenarios, and testing, all while being observed and interacting with company representatives. 
  • Students learn more about what is involved in an apprenticeship and meet some of the company representatives. 
  • Company representatives get to know the students, their capabilities, and how they may fit within their respective companies.
  • At the end of the four evenings, students complete a form selecting their top three companies, in order, where they would be interested in becoming an apprentice. Companies complete a form selecting their top students. Students and companies are matched to maximize success in the program.

Step 5: Complete a Pre-Apprenticeship During the Summer

Students that match with a company and meet all requirements will be invited to be a pre-apprentice. Students will be notified of this offer in mid-April. The six-week paid pre-apprenticeship is a combination of working at the company and taking two classes at Guilford Technical Community College.

Step 6: Apprenticeship Selection – August

During the six week pre-apprenticeship, students are evaluated for:

  • Grades
  • Performance
  • Attendance
  • General fit within the company and apprenticeship program 

Individual students will meet with their company contact regarding the selection of apprentices. At that time, the selected students will receive information about how to adjust their schedules; the official signing ceremony, which is held in August; registration at Guilford Technical Community College; and other details. 

In some cases, a pre-apprentice may not be selected as an apprentice. If a student is a rising senior and still interested in the program, they may go through the process again the following year.

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