• School is a challenge under normal circumstances, we are living through extraordinary circumstances, this is something we all need to acknowledge. These expectations are for all of us, myself included.


    1. Be flexible. 
    2. Do not freak out over anything before you communicate with me.
    3. Communicate often and early. Meaning before there is an issue.
    4. Live sessions:

    1. Be there!
    2. On time.
    3. Camera on and mic on mute.
    4. Dress appropriately. 
    5. Be respectful of everyone.
    6. Appropriate backgrounds and things in our view.
    7. Stay until the end.


    1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Do your work before deadlines.
    2. Create a routine for doing your work and stick to it. Contact me if you need help, you must manage your time to be successful.
    3. Do not "ghost" me. Reply to messages and e-mails.
    4. Do all your work.
    5. Support those that need it and do not be afraid to ask for help yourself.
    6. Stay positive!