• With a consistent track record of dependability and striving for excellence within my career, I believe that I offer the leadership and experience needed to help carry students to the next level of success.  I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your consideration for the position of Director of Bands within your school.

    A summary of the skills and values that I can offer in this position:

    • 10+ years of committed leadership and competence in the area of music, with 7 of those years belonging to providing musical instruction, field show instruction, and guidance.
    • Continuity of advanced individual and professional development, including leadership training, physical fitness training, team development as well as mentoring and performance evaluation.  I also use an approach that allows me to meet the students on a level that they feel comfortable and inspired.
    • I believe in performing all duties with adaptability and flexibility, allowing myself room for growth and change.

    I am currently working in the field of education. I have been working in this capacity both full time and part time for 10yrs.  It is my objective to reach students at their basic needs of learning, providing them with practice techniques, performance techniques, and life lessons. 

    As an educator, I would like nothing more than to be able to build on the legacy of excellence by providing individual lessons for students, group instructions, as well as creating and conducting several smaller ensembles to help students build upon their musical abilities and uphold the standards that have been put in place for the students by the previous director, while guiding them as the young professionals of our future.  It has been my pleasure to introduce myself to you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon in regards to my application for employment.