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  • How do I help a student who can't log in to Canvas?

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    First: Are they getting past the NCEdCloud/Rapid Identity portal?

    NCEdCloud updates can take 3-4 business days after the student is entered in PowerSchool, so if they were recently registered, that could be a problem.

    Have they tried clearing the browser data/cookies/cache, etc.? NCEdCloud gets picky when more than one person is logging in to NCEdCloud on the same device. The video on Creating Multiple Instances of Chrome to the left of this FAQ tells how you can mitigate that.

    Have they tried shutting it off and shutting it back on again? I know people joke about that, but it solves problems sometimes!

    Try resetting the password for them. Even though you won't be changing the password, we have found that sometimes resetting it fixes the problem.

    If none of these work, email the student name and ID to and I'll forward the issue to our wonderful Canvas gurus!

    Second: Are they getting past NCEdCloud but then can't see the Canvas app or when they open the app, they don't see anything?

    Email the student name, ID and description of the problem to and I'll forward the issue to our wonderful Canvas gurus!


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  • How do I set a picture for my Canvas course to display on the Dashboard?

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    Once you have opened your Canvas course, click on Settings at the bottom left. The first option will be to set an image for your course.

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