• This quarter in English Language Arts we will work together to learn more about….

    Ø Theme or Central Idea of a text

    Ø Elements of Plot

    Ø Writing narratives

    Ø Determining the meaning of unknown or multiple-meaning words

    We will review…

    Ø Figurative Language (my fav)

    This quarter in Social Studies we will work together to learn more about...

    • Classical Civilizations in China
    • Ancient India
    • Mesoamerican and Andean Civilizations
    • Expansion of Greek Civilizations
    • The Roman Empire
    • .....and much more
    • Honor Diversity
    • Operate with Integrity
    • Respect myself and others
    • Nurture Self Discipline
    • Ensure Safety
    • Take Responsibility
    • Strive for Success

    Online Expectations

    • All students log in DAILY to each subject/class
    • All students should check daily announcements
    • Students must attend daily live sessions and participate in class discussions.
    • Please be on time to daily live sessions.
    • Please communicate with me if you cannot attend or miss a live session as you may be asked to attend tutoring.
    • All students will receive feedback from their teachers. Please check you Canvas messages daily.