Career Clusters
  • What are Career Clusters?

    Have you ever heard someone say they want to work in Health Care and wondered exactly what they mean?

    Do they want to become a doctor or a nurse? 

    Do they want to be a hospital administrator or work in a medical research lab? 

    Are they interested in maintaining and repairing biomedical equipment or becoming a medical librarian? 

    All of these jobs are part of a career cluster.

    Career clusters provide a way to examine occupations related to broad career areas. 

    Career clusters are a tool for

    • grouping together careers and specific occupations that are related to broad industry classifications
    • helping educators and industry representatives to define career pathways
    • identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities people need to be successful in a cluster.

    Career clusters help:

    • ensure that what you learn in school is relevant to a career interest and
    • to prepare you for success in college and the workplace.

    The U.S. Department of Education established 16 career clusters that encompass all career occupations. Each cluster includes:

    • A list of sample career specialties and occupations,
    • A description of different career pathways related to the cluster and
    • Categories of knowledge and skills common to all occupations in the cluster.

    Career Pathways

    Occupations in each career cluster are grouped in two or more career pathways.

     Career pathway: a subset of occupations within a cluster that are related to each other by knowledge and skills they have in common.

    Changing occupations between career pathways is easier than between career clusters.

    The knowledge and skills needed for one career are similar to those for a new occupation in that pathway.

    Example: a Legal Assistant’s knowledge and skills are more similar to a Detective than to a Physical Therapy Assistant. They are in the same cluster - Law, Public Safety and Security – but different pathways.

    Both need knowledge of law and legal procedures. A PTA must know anatomy, physiology, and medical procedures. It is more difficult to move from Legal Asst. to a PTA job than to a career as a Detective.

    The Career Clusters and Pathways of SEHS

    Career Clusters Career Pathways Career Examples

    Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

    Animal Systems

    Veterinarian, Animal Health Scientist, Animal Biologist, Science Policy Director

    Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Plant Systems

    Landscaper, Global System Architect, Fear Contatinment Manager

    Architecture and Construction


    Shareability Auditor, opportunity Spotter, Impact Assessor

    Architecture and Construction

    Interior Design Furniture Designer, Facilities Architect, Virtual Showroom Coordinator, 3D Design Manager
    Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communications

    Digital Design and Animation

    Graphic Designer, Digital Art Director, Virtual Animation Architect, Futuristic Design Coordinator
    Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications

    Game Art Design

    Game Developer, Game Designer, Graphic Design, Game Coding
    Business, Management and Administration


    Small Business Owner, Strategic Management Professional, Social Entrepreneur
    Business, Management and Administration General Management Account Manager, Business Consultant, Global Business Navigator
    Health Science

    Healthcare Professional

    Registered Nurse Aide, Healthcare Implementation Consultant, Organ Agent, Genetic Modification Designer
    Hospitality and Tourism

    Sports & Event Marketing

    International Marketing Manager, Communication & Events Specialist, Global Entertainment Strategist
    Human Services

    Early Childhood Development & Services

    Human Services Clinician, Child Psychiatrist, Nutrition Consultant, Precision Education Specialist
    Information Technology

    Computer Science

    Software Developer, Intellectual Property Associate, Data Stream Organizer
    Information Technology Python Programming Software Programmer, Virtual Property Associate, Automated Traffic Architect
    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


    Mechanical Engeneer, Avionics Engineer, Industrial Engineer
    Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

    Collision Repair

    Body Shop Repair Technician, Digital Refinishing Processor, eVtol Designer