• Kernodle School-Based Leadership Team Members 2022-23

    Thea  McHam
    Email: mchamt@gcsnc.com
    Susan Orr
    Assistant Principal
    Email: orrs@gcsnc.com

    Alex Wertz
    Assistant Principal
    Email: wertza@gcsnc.com  

    Lisa Martin
    (6th) Teacher
    Email: martinl@gcsnc.com

    Jacki Lewis
    (8th) Teacher
    Email: lewisj7@gcsnc.com

    Abby McCraw
    (7th) Teacher
    Email: mccrawa@gcsnc.com

    Alissa Heide(PE Teacher)
    Email: heidea@gcsnc.com

    Jacob Billings
    Email: billinj2@gcsnc.com

    Denise Allman
    Classified Staff

    Deborah Hinshelwood
    Media Specialist
    Email: hinshed@gcsnc.com

    Lilly Ketchum
    Curriculum Facilitator
    Email: ketchul@gcsnc.com

    Exceptional Children

    (6th) Courtney Harrington/Megan Tarver
    (7th) Anne Cullinan
    (8th) Swanti Revankar

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    School Improvement Meetings will be in the media center at this time.

    Meeting Dates: The Kernodle School improvement team meets on the 1st (and 3rd Tuesdays if needed) during the school year in the Media Center. Please see the school calendar for details. Meetings are at 7:30 A.M. unless otherwise posted on the school calendar.