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    Proration: The following proration will be followed when students return to school on January 20th.

    Service-Learning Diploma 

    Students who have 192 hours submitted will obtain the Service-Learning Diploma. 

    • Students have 185 weeks (Freshman year to Service-Learning Senior deadline including summers) to earn the 250 hours towards the Service-Learning Diploma which equals an average of 1.35 hours per week. 
    • Students in high school during COVID-19 will have 142 weeks due to COVID-19 time lost.  Based on the reduction, we are prorating the requirement by 58 hours equaling 192 hours. 250/185 = 1.35   142 x 1.35 = 192

    Service-Learning Award 

    Students in High School during COVID-19 who have submitted 77 hours will obtain the Service-Learning Award. 

    • Based on the above logic, the service-learning award would be reduced from 100 hours to 77 hours. 100/185 = .54   142 x .54 = 77