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Fixing Our Schools – Funding Our Future

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  • Even in these challenging times, our community’s priorities remain providing our young people with the best possible learning in the best facilities possible. Students are coming back to school, and we want them to feel safe and comfortable.  

    Modern facilities and updated equipment set a definitive tone for what students and families can expect in our schools. We are committed to surpassing those expectations, and we are fortunate to have a community that stands behind us. 

    We have made these promises before and we kept them, with Guilford County’s 2008 bond to support new and improved schools. All projects funded by this bond have been successfully completed.

    One dozen years later, we aim to take our promise for excellent facilities to the next level. 

    On Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, Guilford County voters will be asked to consider both a $300 million school bond issue and a quarter-cent sales and use tax to support new and updated schools. This is what we want you to know about these efforts: 

    • Safe and updated schools will benefit all Guilford County residents. With the average school in our community built more than 50 years ago and the last school bond approved when today’s seniors were in kindergarten, the needs are urgent – delaying will only increase the costs. 
    • The $300 million bond is an important first step to meeting our shared needs. It will fund the first phase of urgently needed projects to ensure all Guilford County students have a safe, quality learning environment for years to come. 
    • If approved by voters, the quarter-cent sales and use tax will generate approximately $19 million each year to help pay for the school bond debt as well as school maintenance and repairs. 
    • In keeping with the district’s Facility Master Plan, school buildings in the worst condition will be addressed first. The district also plans to purchase land for new schools. 

    Ultimately, our goal is to improve every GCS facility to ensure that all students get to learn in safe, updated and tech-ready classrooms and schools. 

    Visit the joint GCS-Guilford County bond information website at: for more details. 

  • GCS, BOCC joint statement


    With two school funding measures on the November ballot, leaders of the Guilford County Board of Education and the Guilford County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) released a joint statement on Oct. 1 in support of better learning environments for public school students. Click here to read more.

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