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     Guilford Apprenticeship Partners or GAP is a tremendous opportunity for our students, and I would highly recommend that all students take the time to explore the possibilities and opportunities of becoming a GAP Apprentice. 

    Check out the highlights below. You can go to https://gapnc.org/ for more information as well. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Are you ready to learn advanced skills, jump into a stable career, and become a leader? Join the growing number of high school students who are creating a bright future at local companies that have a vision for building a talented workforce.
    Some quick highlights

     Who can apply:

    • Juniors or Seniors in High School. (Certainly, students in younger grades can begin finding out information and networking with students.)
    • Students who apply as juniors and are accepted into the program will attend classes at Grimsley 1/2 a day and work 1/2. Seniors will go directly to work and GTCC.
    • Unweighted GPA of 2.8 or higher--If you have a 2.5 or higher, you can still apply under some circumstances.
    • Good attendance.
    • Attendance at least one virtual open house--with a parent or guardian. (These will begin in early December, and provide a great way to learn about each company and meet the company representatives.)
    Highlights of the program:
    • Apprentices earn money on the job as soon as they start the apprenticeship program while also taking college classes at no cost. In fact, students actually get paid for time spent in class. See how you can get a jump start on a promising career, a college degree, and financial stability.
    • Get paid for 8,000 hours of one-the-job and classroom training during the 4-year program
    • Earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) from Guilford Technical Community College
    • All tuition, books, and fees for the Associate degree program are covered, so you graduate debt free.
    • Have the option after apprenticeship graduation to transfer degree credits to most state four-year universities in order to earn a bachelor’s degree 
    • Obtain specialized certification and experience that is recognized and sought by employers
    • Many employers offer health insurance, retirement, and paid-time-off benefits to apprentices.
    • This is an overall scholarship of around $125,000.
    • The average apprentice who finishes the program will make an average of $58,000 in their first year after graduating from the program.

    Grimsley is a strong advocate for the GAP program and has successful GAP apprentices currently in the program.

    If you think you might be interested, you can go to the GAP website below and complete the online application. You will then receive information about GAP deadlines and events!

    Interested students should speak with Ms. Hunt in the Media Center. 

    Learn more at https://gapnc.org/  

    Erica Hunt