• Good Evening Ragsdale Families, this is Deanne Lowe, CF 

    The first 3 weeks of this school year have flown by and although things have been different, you and your students are doing an excellent job of adjusting to a new way of learning.  We appreciate students’ attendance and participation during daily live teaching times. 

    Here are a few reminders as move forward. 

    First, Attendance.  Your student is expected to log on to Canvas and participate in class daily.  While students have access to their class materials 24 hours a day, being an active participant during live instruction will yield the highest learning outcomes.  Starting Tuesday, September 8th, attendance will be taken daily and recorded in PowerSchool.  You will receive an automated call letting you know your students didn’t participate in one or more of their classes that day.  Your student will have the week to make up those assignments.  If you missed our textbook pick up, please contact the front office to schedule a time to pick up those materials.  

    Secondit is important to remember that although teachers work countless extra hours each week, our teachers’ work-day officially ends before 5PM. Although students are able to work on their assignments and access class recordings 24/7, your student may have to wait until normal school hours for help with their questions.  Grading will continue this week with teachers updating assignments and giving feedback in Canvas PowerSchool will remain the best place parents and students to check for an official, accurate grade.   

    Third, Advanced Placement students need to log into their College Board accounts and enter a Join Code provided by their teachers for each AP course they are enrolled in.  This needs to be done in the next week because it gives them access to very important AP Classroom resources and qualifies them to take the AP exam.   

    Finally, we are also continuing with our Grab and Go Lunch program, every day from 11-12.  You can pick these lunches up for students 18 and under at any GCS school.  We are encouraging every family to complete the free and reduced lunch form this year.  You can find that form at www.lunchapplication.com.  This waiver, if approved, not only qualifies you for free lunch, but also free standardized tests like the SAT and college applications.  This FRL form is also on the Ragsdale website. 

    This is a lot of important information to remember so it will be posted on our website under School News for you to review. 

    Thank you and have a great week.