• GPA Family Engagement Network (FEN)

    Sign Up Button Guilford Parent Academy (GPA) aims to provide relevant resources to our diverse parents and families throughout the year. In an effort to hear the voice of our parents and embrace the community, GPA launched the Family Engagement Network (FEN). FEN is a year-round initiative comprised of five committees: Parent Voice, Community Stakeholders, Guilford County Schools (GCS) Allies, Sponsorships and Fundraising and GPA Volunteers. Led by chairpersons and co-chairs, FEN provides additional support to the programming for GPA regarding essential and timely resources through internal and external collaboration. With a foundation based on GPA's Model of Engagement: Five Fibers to Successful and Equitable Collaboration - Threading Together Meaningful School-Family-Community Engagement, GPA seeks to leverage the research of Drs. Karen Mapp and Steven Constantino with an implementation of strategies fostering a holistic approach to support the family, empower parents and provide more tools to help parents help their children thrive. Participants may include parents, caregivers, community organizations, GCS Departments, school leaders, teachers, and advocates of healthy families. Help us complete the GPA Puzzle for Family Engagement by volunteering on the GPA Family Engagement Network.


    GPA Puzzle for Family Engagement Click on the GPA Puzzle for Family Engagement to
    learn more about GPA and the current FEN Committees.


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