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    February 28, 2022


    To the Parents & Guardians of our 11th Graders:

    Tuesday March 1st is a Mandatory Attendance Day for which ALL 11th Graders MUST be here on campus to take the state-required ACT Exam.  Please note that this test is extremely important in an effort to keep all of our 11th Graders on tract to meeting Promotional Standards as they move from their Junior to Seniors year as well as meeting HS Graduation Standards.  So please assist us in making sure that if your son/daughter is currently in the 11th Grade, they are here at Smith on Tuesday March 1st to take their ACT Exam.  11th Graders should plan to arrive on campus at the usual time so that we can promptly start the test at 10am.  This exam should take a majority of the school day to complete, however once ALL Students have completed the exam, your son/daughter may call you to come and to pick them up afterwards.  Any and all 11th Grade Students who arrive on time for this important test will be awarded an Extra Credit Buck as a grading incentive for which a student’s Lowest Test Grade may be replaced with a higher Grade in its place.


    To the Parents & Guardians of our 9th, 10th & 12 Graders:

    Tuesday March 1st is designated as an Asynchronous Learning Day.  This is the designated day for which those students who do not have to be on campus here at Smith for ACT Testing will need to remain at home and log onto their teacher’s CANVAS Webpages to access all instruction and all assignments at that time.   

    Please note that this date will NOT count as an absence for any student on this date.  The purpose of this Asynchronous Day is to allow for all teachers on staff to administer this important exam to our 11th Graders without a need to disrupt the school-wide testing site status for this important exam.  So please feel free to contact the school if your son/daughter may have laptop issues or issues with logging in and accessing their teacher assigned Canvas Pages.  



    Dr. Melvin Marshall, Principal

    Smith High School







    28 de febrero del 2022

    A los Padres y Guardianes de Nuestors Estudiantes del Grado 11:

    El martes 1ro de marzo es un día compulsorio de asistencia escolar para todos los estudiantes de grado 11 ya que estos estudiantes tienen que tomar el examen del ACT (American College Testing por las siglas en inglés), el cual es un requisito estatal. Este examen es extremadamente importante por que nos ayuda a mantener a los todos los estudiantes de grado 11 en la trayectoria correcta para que cumplan con los requisitos de promoción de grado 10 a grado 11, además de cumplir con los requisitos de graduación. Por favor, asegúrense de que si su estudiante está en el grado 11, que esté presente en la escuela de Ben L. Smith el martes, 1ro de marzo, para que tome el examen del ACT. Los estudiantes de grado 11 deben llegar a la escuela temprano para que puedan empezar el examen a las 10 de la mañana. Este examen va a tomar casi todo el día escolar; una vez TODOS los ESTUDIANTES hayan terminado el examen, su estudiante podrá llamar para que pueda ser recogido(a). A aquellos estudiantes que lleguen a tiempo se les otorgará extra crédito como un incentivo donde la nota más baja será remplazada con una nota más alta.

    A los Padres y Guardianes de Nuestors Estudiantes del Grado 9, 10 y 11:

    El martes, 1ro de marzo, será designado como un Día de Aprendizaje Asincrónico, Este día ha sido designado asincrónico para aquellos estudiantes que no tienen que tomar el examen del ACT. Estos estudiantes deben quedarse en la casa y no aistir a la escuela; los estudiantes tienen que accesar la instrucción, las tareas y el contenido académico a través de la página de CANVAS.

    Entiendan que este día no se contará como una ausencia para el estudiante. El propósito de este Día Asincrónico es para permitir que todos nuestros maestros puedan administrar este examen a nuestros estudiantes del grado 11 sin necesidad de tener que interrumpir la administración del examen. Por favor comuníquese con la escuela si su estudiante tiene algún problema con su computadora o si tiene algún problema al conectarse o al tartar de accesar la página de CANVAS.

     Dr. Melvin Marshall, Director

    Escuela Superior Ben L. Smith

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  • Smith HS Bell Schedule for New School Year

    Below is the 2021-22 Smith HS Daily Bell Schedule

    Daily Schedule






    Bell for Students to Proceed to Class





    Warning Bell 



    9:28 AM 


    1st Period 

    9:30 AM


    11:05 AM


    2nd Period & Lunches*

    11:10 AM


    1:10 PM


    3rd Period  

    1:15 PM 


    2:50 PM


    4th Period 

    2:55 PM


    4:30 PM



    2nd Period -A Lunch 

    11:25 AM

    11:50 AM

    2nd Period -B Lunch 

    12:05 PM

    12:30 PM

    2nd Period -C Lunch 

    12:45 PM

    1:10 PM

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    Golden Eagle Parents:

    Students who require school bus transportation must request it.  Bus stop information is posted on the district’s Here Comes the Bus app. To access instructions on how to download the Here Comes The Bus app, click this bus link.  Information is also provided in the parent portal of PowerSchool, North Carolina’s student information system. For those who have already requested transportation, bus stop information is being mailed to parents’ homes.

    We now have the link to the online attestation form (click on form link) that families can complete for their students to ride the bus. Families must either complete the attestation online by midnight before the next school day,  or be able to hand a hard copy of the form to the bus driver, although students will be allowed to board the buses without a form.  If there are any questions or concerns, please call the Smith HS main office at (336) 294-7300.

    As a reminder, children who have tested positive for COVID-19, children who have been exposed to someone who tested positive or children who are awaiting COVID-19 test results, should stay at home until cleared by their healthcare provider or public health. Parents should also inform their school principal or school nurse.