• Exam Information and ConnectEd 1/4

    Good Evening Ragsdale Families

    The end of the semester is here and I want to share information about exams, our schedule, and the start of next semester.

    The exam schedule can be confusing because the specific course will dictate when and where the exam will be given.  Courses with teacher and district made exams will be Wednesday and Thursday online and course with a state exam will be given in person starting next week.  To see when your student will take each of their exams, please check out Fall 2020 Student Exam Schedule tab under Students on our website.  Teachers have also shared this information with each class.

    Tuesday this week will be a normal school day, students will report online for each block at 9, 10, 12, and 1 like they have done all semester for their last day of class.  On Wednesday, students will attend 1st block at 9 and 2nd block at 1pm.  During these times, students will either taking their exam or have a review session.  Thursday will follow the same with 3rd block at 9 and 4th block at 1.  Friday will be a test make up day.

    Starting on Monday January 11th we will adjust our bell schedule to allow for transportation.  The building will open at 9:30 and school will start at 9:55. Students will be dismissed at 4:25.  To determine if your student needs to come in person for their exams, please check Fall 2020 Student Exam Schedule tab under Students on our website.  To check for bus stops, please download the Here Comes the Bus app. More information on bus stops and times can be found at on our webpage, near the bottom.

    Second semester will begin on Wednesday, January 20th.  Students will report online to their classes for introductions and welcome materials.  On Thursday, January 21st and Friday, January 22nd, students in Cohort B, Last names L-Z, will report in person.  Students with last names A-K will report as Cohort A on Monday, January 25th.

    If you do not wish for your student to return in person on those dates, please visit our website to find directions on signing your student up to stay remote through School Mint.  This will allow your student to continue to learn remotely with Ragsdale teachers.  This option is not a self paced virtual academy but rather will require your student to log on daily with their teachers at the designated time.