If you want your diploma on graduation day, you need to have completed the following: 

    1. Senior Exit Survey (Unsure if you completed it? Contact your counselor)


    2. Paid any student fines to our treasurer (Mrs. Parker) 

    3. Returned your tablet/computer to our Media Specialist (Mrs. Monroe-Leach) 






    Missed the Senior Meeting on 5/11/21? 

    Here is the presentation!

    There is a timeline on the 2nd slide : )  

    Senior End of Year Presentation



    Cap & Gown

    Need to Order? 


    Search for our school : )




    Senior Exit Survey




    Please complete this survey immediately!

    This is a required task prior to you receiving your graduation tickets! 




    Transcript Requests

    Did you know that educators have regulations they must adhere to, that pertain to student records?

    Just like the medical field has HIPAA, the Education system has FERPA.

    We must receive your request for unofficial or official documents via Scriborder for in-state, out-of-state colleges, military, employment and more.

    Requests via Scriborder are free for enrolled students, ut there is a charge once the student is a graduate. 


    For NC Colleges, student and graduates may send their transcripts for free if they use CFNC.org. 

    Students will need to remember their GCS Student ID # to use this option. 

    College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)