Mr. Ryan Wright.  I am excited to be your Student support specialist

Welborn Student Support Specialist: Mr. Ryan Wright

  • Greetings Welborn Family!  I am Mr. Ryan Wright.  I am excited to be your Student support specialist at this great school.  I am in entering my 3rd year in the education field.  I am a proud student of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia where I am obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in  Religion with a concentration in Christian Leadership

    Most of my experience with students comes from my years of work in youth ministry and community service, as well as mentorship.

    Personally, I am an ordained minister and Youth Pastor, an Apple product lover, I love to shop, and spend time with my friends.

    I am excited to work with our staff and students, I am a firm believer that “Life is lived on levels, experience in stages, established on dimensions, and has you journey to the next stage it only gets better!!