• Pre-Certification Via Web

    If you wish to go directly to the web to pre-certify, go to https://checkin.crisisgo.net/tools/safetycheckin/#/loginByStudent.


    When the login screen appears, click Sign In With SSO.



    Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

    Enter the student’s GCS account information. This is the same account they use to connect to remote learning.



    Be sure to use the studentid version of your email 12345678@stu.gcsnc.com 


    Press Continue.

    A Sign in box will appear.


    Enter the student’s ID number and password.


    Press Sign in.

    Verify the correct student is selected and then answer all questions and click SUBMIT.

    (Note: questions may change as NCDHHS provides more information or suggestions.)


    You will receive an iPass based on your answers. This iPass can be kept open or printed to show to staff upon arrival at school.