2022 AG Explore Camp

    Thank you for your interest in our AG Explore Camp. Unfortunately, we were unable to extend invitations to everyone. At this time, all camps are at capacity and we are unable to accept any requests for placement.  

    All campers will need to bring a signed Medical and Photo Consent form on the first day. Please download and complete this documentation. 

    Some campers will need to bring a completed copy of this Medical Authorization for a Student at School form on the first day of AG Explore Camp if medicine needs to be administered. 

    Car Riders will need to download this AG Car Sign to place in your window each morning and afternoon.  

    This opportunity is available for rising fourth- sixth grade students who have been identified for AG or Talent Development services. Students will explore high interest enrichment topics such as Roller Coaster Design, Poetry, Viruses, Escape Rooms and more in core content areas to develop inquiry and investigative skills. Camp sessions will be taught by certified GCS teachers who are completing their AIG licensure at Duke University. This summer, AG Explore Camp will be held on three separate weeks and each week the camp will be located at a different elementary school.  Eligible students may only participate in one of the camps listed below.

    • Dates and Locations (Selected students attend just one of the camps):

            July 11-14 @ Jones Elementary or

            July 18-21 @ Union Hill Elementary or

            July 25-28 @ Guilford Elementary

    • Time: Monday – Thursday, 7:45am – 2:30pm
    • Cost: FREE

    Participating students will need to be able to commit to the full 4-day camp experience.

Teacher in straw hat teaching students sitting on the floor in a circle
  • Camp Selection Details 

    Step 1:

    Space is limited, so unfortunately, not every student who registers in Step 1 will be selected to attend. If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, register your AG /MAP child to enter them in the selection pool with the link here before 5pm on Tuesday, May 17th. Use the registration code 657169 to complete the registration form for AG Explore Camp. If your child requires transportation, then only one of the closest school locations for AG Explore Camp within the home school attendance zone will be displayed as the available camp on the registration form.

    Step 2:

    After the registration link closes at 5pm on May 17th, campers will be selected through a process which ensures that every elementary school is represented. Again, space is limited, so unfortunately, not every student who registers will be selected to attend.

    Step 3:

    All families who registered will be notified via email during the week of May 31st about the selection results.  Selected campers will receive invitations to attend the camp and will also be given a chance to rank order their camp courses on a survey form sent via email. Course selections will need to be submitted on or before Tuesday, June 7th, 2022.  In order to confirm participation, families must complete this camp course survey by the June 7th deadline. Failure to complete the survey by the June 7th deadline will result in the loss of the selected camper's spot, which will then be relinquished and assigned to another applicant. 

    Step 4:

    Families of selected campers will receive an email by Friday, June 24th, detailing which of the three camps their child will attend. The email will also contain the camp rules, expectations, and health/medical forms that will need to be returned via email before campers begin on Day 1 at their camp location. Families choosing to provide their own transportation will be notified of the school drop-off and pick-up details. Families requiring bus transportation will be notified of the bus route details prior to the end of June.

    Step 5:

    Selected campers will attend AG Explore Camp in July at one of the camp sites across the district and will experience 4 days of fun memories, stories and new friendships!!

  • Transportation

    Selected students requiring bus transportation will attend the camp sites located at either Jones Elementary or Union Hill Elementary based on their home school attendance zone. Bus transportation is not available to the Guilford Elementary camp site. For selected students who do not require bus transportation, families can choose any of the three camps, but must provide transportation for their child to and from the camp site each day.


    Camp Course Offerings

    Specific course details for AG Explore Camp are listed below. Those students who are selected to attend camp will need to indicate their preference among the appropriate grade level sessions from both the Morning Course List and the Afternoon Course List below or click this link here for a pdf of all the course descriptions.


    Camp Courses



  • PLEASE NOTE: Rising 5th graders may select any combination of courses from both the 4th-5th and 5th-6th course offerings. 



    Escape Room-in-a-Box

    Are you a master of escape rooms? Have you ever created your own escape game? In this course, you’ll make discoveries, solve puzzles, decipher codes and work to escape and get free! Then, in teams, you’ll create your own escape games to let others test out! Who will conquer this challenge? Game on!



    Become a Pokémon Professor

    Pokémon are now real in our universe and must live with Earth’s animals. We need your help to classify and arrange their new habitats. We’re looking for experienced Pokémon trainers to help us complete a brand new Pokedex for our region. Trainers will be rewarded a Pokémon Professor title when they complete this course. 



    Norse Mythology

    You have learned a lot about Greek and Roman mythology, now it’s time to explore Norse mythology. Learn about the gods, goddesses, heroes, and giants of Norse folklore while comparing and contrasting them to Greek and Roman mythology.



    Passionate Poets

    Blank verse, Rhyme, Free verse, Epics, Narrative poetry, Haiku, Sonnet, you name it! These are just some of the types of poems you will get a chance to explore. This week you will become an author of your very own book filled with new and beloved forms of poetry.


    Picture It! 

    Have you ever wondered how cameras work?  Join us as we explore the invention and evolution of photography.  In our culminating project, students will design and construct their own pinhole cameras, which they will then use to take their own interesting photographs.   

Teacher helping a student build a model

    Colombia, The Only Risk is Wanting to Visit

    Have you ever wanted to visit Colombia?  What would you expect to see if you toured the country? Colombia has become modern and sophisticated, with a vibrant culture.  In this session, you will virtually tour the five regions of the country to discover Colombian culture: how Colombian people live, how they work and how they play.  You may even learn some words or phrases to help you as you tour the country.  So, pack your bags and we are off to explore Columbia.  



    Aerodynamics With Airplanes and Rockets

    In this summer camp, we will explore the factors that go into the design of an aircraft that make it able to successfully lift off and travel through the air. We will test our theories and findings with paper airplanes and then apply this knowledge to create a paper rocket that we will launch the last two days of camp!


    Roller Coaster University

    Do you love roller coasters? What if you could design and build your own roller coaster? In this course, you’ll learn about some of the most famous roller coasters in history and build your own thrilling roller coaster! Get ready to create!  



    Fresh Beats from the Bronx

    Since its beginnings in the 1970s Hip-Hop has reshaped the modern musical landscape since its beginnings as a series of dance parties DJ’d by Clive Campbell known by his friends as “Kool Herc,” Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Bambaataa. Hip Hop would go on to become a mainstream movement touching nearly all musicians in the wider genre of popular music. In this course, students will explore how DJing and its turntablism, MCing/rapping, beatboxing, breakdancing, and graffiti art became the collective elements making up the hip hop culture and its revolutionary aesthetic.


    You Make Me Sick

    Cooties are everywhere. Are they good or bad??? Investigate the difference between the bacteria and viruses, how they spread, and what your defenses are against them. Use your knowledge to analyze a case study and determine the source of an infection amongst you and your peers in this course.