• Battle Graphic Organizers

    • Students who want to participate in Battle of the Books must complete one graphic organizer for each book on the Battle list. I strongly suggest that students complete these Graphic Organizers as they are reading the books - don't procrastinate! You may use internet sites, Destiny book summaries, collaborate with your friends to complete the Graphic Organizer. Using this organizer will help you remember a lot of details from the book so that you can use this review just before the competition. If you read a Battle book in July, it may be very difficult to remember much about the book next March. That's why I have you complete these Graphic Organizers.

    • I have included a copy of the organizer below and you may print these at home. However, you will need to complete one for each book (that's 20 books and 20 graphic organizers!). Therefore, I have also made copies of the organizers and they are available in the Media Center. If you want me to get a packet of 20 organizers to you for your use while you read, please just email me at stringp@gcsnc.com  and I will get some to you either through your homeroom teacher or come on in to the Media Center to pick them up! 

    • Next fall, when we have our first Battle meeting, I will ask you to bring in your Graphic Organizers. I use your work and commitment on completing these organizers to help determine who will participate in the Competition Team. My BEST players are always the students who commit to this work. Former players have told me that these organizers really help them retain their reading and prepare for competition. This is a tool for your use to make your Battle preparation great! Use it! 

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