Phase One: Addressing School Facilities in the Worst Conditions

  • Modern facilities and updated equipment set a definitive tone for what students and families can expect in our schools.

    We are committed to surpassing those expectations, and we are fortunate to have a community that stands behind us.

    In keeping with the district’s Master Facilities Plan and priorities, school facilities in the worst condition will be addressed first

    Adjustments will be made for construction phasing and swing space requirements while the buildings are undergoing renovations or new facilities are being built.


    Costs: The GCS Facilities Master Plan calls for an investment of $2 billion over 10-15 years 


    Download the prioritization list based on the Master Facilities Plan 2019. This document will be updated as other projects are identified. 

    Download file Bond 2020 Prioritization List - Guilford County Board of Education (PDF; last updated Feb. 2022)



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Last Modified on February 14, 2022