• Wish List

  • Please support the arts!  Our visual arts budget has dropped over the past years. We have over 250 students taking art and photography.  Supplies are unfortunately expensive, but Mrs. Sayani and I believe students should still be able to experience a wide variety of materials and processes in order to increase their skill level and creativity. We will continue to have high standards regardless!!

    Please begin helping by joining the Fine Arts Boosters! Sponsorship is even available!

    We also appreciate:

    • Amazon gift cards - supplies are often cheaper than what we can get through school vendors
    • Jerry's gift cards - their new store has opened in Greensboro
    • Purchase gift items through - Artsonia - a percentage goes back to help our program

    If you have something you want to get rid of and think it might be of use, please just ask! 

    Thank you so much!