Asian Culture Club (ACC)

  • FALL 2022 UPDATE:

    First meeting is October 12th, until 5pm, ROOM 215!!!
    Please email me if you have any questions:

    Continuing August 2022-23

    Are you a fan of anime, manga, K-dramas, J-pop, ~kAwAii tHiNgZ~, trying asian foods like sushi, boba tea, hibachi, or asian snacks/candy?! Our club explores many different countries, traditions, and cultures! We have done everything from attending Anime Con 2021, to watching a special screening of anime movies at the Palladium movie theater, and even did our own Holi festival and celebration of color by splashing each other with the vibrant colors of spring! We celebrate all Asian cultures and people from different walks of life. All are welcome!***We meet once a month on a chosen Tuesday.Room 207 until 5pm

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