• Personalize your child's education.

    As a national leader in educational choice, GCS gives your family the power to choose your school, your program, your path.

    No matter where you live in Guilford County or what your student’s interests are, GCS provides a variety of innovative, world-class options. With nearly 50 Choice schools and even more programs in personalized pathways, you can select your neighborhood school or explore schools with themes such as STEM, Montessori, or gaming and robotics. We’re offering the schools of the future to help your child discover their passions and create a bright future. Learn more, choose and enroll.

  • Imagine what your child can do with the freedom to choose.

    What we mean by choice

    You may choose to attend your neighborhood school where your child will receive a well-rounded education in a welcoming and supportive environment that challenges them and feels like home. Some students have learning interests, goals, or needs that make one of our other options the best fit. Whether your child needs gifted education, loves the arts, gets excited about science, wants to fly, or experience Spanish immersion, you’ll find options for these programs and many others:


    Your Neighborhood School: the assigned school in your attendance zone

    Choice Schools and Programs: sometimes known as “magnet”, these are themed schools that give K-12 students the option of learning in an environment with a specific area of focus.

    CTE Pathways, Signature Career Academies and Dual Enrollment (College and Career Promise): for high school students looking to excel in an in-demand field and/or earn college credits. 


    Are you looking for Pre-K options? If your child will be four years old on or before August 31, click here for more information from the GCS Department of Early Learning. Slots are limited, and we encourage you to apply in early Spring.

  • A choice for every child, every grade, every learning style.

    Kindergarten and Elementary Choice >>

    Our youngest students find a home in GCS while they explore exciting ways to learn and build their foundation of knowledge. Discover your options. 

    Middle School and High School Choice >>

    As middle school and high school students begin to consider their future, we show them all kinds of possibilities. Learn more about academic paths for 6-12. 

  • Ready to enroll?

    Have you found the school or program that works best for your family? Learn more about the enrollment process.

    Steps to enroll >>

    To begin the process, visit our registration system, SchoolMint, to create an account and get started. We can’t wait to welcome you!

    Assignment & Registration Information >>