About the Course

              Develop your skills in a two-dimensional medium such as graphic design, photography, collage, printmaking, and others as you learn the principles of 2-D design. You’ll create artwork that reflects your own ideas and skills and what you’ve learned.

              Skills You'll Learn

              • Investigating the materials, processes, and ideas that artists and designers use

              • Practicing, experimenting, and revising as you create your own work

              • Communicating your ideas about works of art and design

              Equivalency and Prerequisites: ART 1 -4 

              College Course Equivalent

              A one-semester, introductory college course in 2-D art and design

              Recommended Prerequisites:

              ART 1 -4 

            • SUPPLY LIST :
            • Pencils
            • Sketchbook 

            Course Description 

            • This course will be taught Face to Face in room 601 (Formerly Ms. Davis' room). See above for more info. 

            Student Expectations 

            • Students are expected to complete assignments by the due dates provided by your teacher.  If you experience technical problems or login trouble, please contact your teacher. 

            Important Dates for the course are below. Please mark your calendars! 

            • Start Date of Course: August 23, 2021

            Important Login Information 



            When can I work on the course?  

            • Students may work on the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The teacher will issue lessons and assignments. Computer and internet access is required. 

            How much time should I spend on the classes? 

            • Time management will be important throughout this course. Each student will learn at a different pace, and the time commitment will be different for all students.

            How do I communicate with my teacher? 

            • Students can use the inbox on Canvas, as well as the contact information on the homepage. If a student contacts a teacher during the week, they can expect a response within 24 hours. Students who contact a teacher over the weekend can expect a response the following Monday.