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Healthful Living Education

  • N.C. Healthful Living

    N.C. Essential StandardsThe Healthful Living Standard Course of Study is a combination of two content areas, health education and physical education. When the concepts of these areas are integrated and well taught, the health and well-being of students can be significantly enhanced. Healthy students who are present and alert in school have a head start on academic performance. “Health and success in school are interrelated. Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students and staff are not healthy and fit physically, mentally, and socially."

    Healthful Living Standard Course of Study has been developed to guide teachers and students in the development of healthy behaviors, the teaching and learning of essential health related knowledge and skills, and the establishment of active lifestyles.

    Appropriate healthful living instructional topics incorporate consideration of the health behaviors of children and adolescents that have potentially serious long-term and short-term health consequences.


    NC Department of Instruction

    Healthful Living Education is required for all students in North Carolina Public Schools.  Reproductive Health and Safety Education is a part of Healthful Living Education and is a standard portion of health.  Schools are expected to follow the North Carolina's Standard Course of Study for healthful living, which includes teaching and learning of behaviors that contribute to a healthful lifestyle and improved quality of life for all students .