•                                      Our Classroom Curriculum

                 Our classroom is using the Unique Learning System as the classroom curriculum. The curriculum has been designed specifically for students with special learning needs. While the foundation of Unique Learning System is the academic content standards (Reading, Math, Science, Writing, and Social Studies), the lessons are modified to make sure that all student have a way to participate, learn and succeed in the classroom.

     August 23-September 30, the focus of study for our class is Government (We are Leaders). In this unit of study, students will learn about the basic role of authority figures at the school, local, state and national level. Math: Number Sense( Counting,  Number Identification,  Sets, ) Place value

    For the month of October, our focus is on Life science (Living in an Ecosystem). Students will learn and participate in activities about plants and animals in various ecosystems and how they survive. Math: Addition

    During November and December, students will focus on Geography (On the Move). Students will explore maps, landforms and different types of transportation. Math: Subtraction

    January:  The focus will be on Physical Science (It’s just a Phase). Students will explore the physical changes of matter.  Math: Graphing & Patterns

    February: The focus will be on History (Cultures of Change).  Students will explore how cultures have changed over time with focus on the people who helped bring change. Math: Money

    March: Physical Science (Energy Around Us): students will explore different forms of energy and how electricity makes things work.  Math: Time

    April Economics (Make It, Sell It, Buy It). Students will explore wants and needs, producers and consumers, and production of goods. Math: Measurement & Shapes

    May: Earth and space Science (Making It Last). Students will focus on renewable and non-renewable resources and how we can conserve them. Math: Review