There are benefits for students who have attained a credential. They have a documented skill set, are more marketable in the employment arena, and are better prepared to succeed in a post-secondary environment. Credentialing offers students authentic evidence of skill attainment that is relevant to careers and continuing education.  


    Career Cluster

    Career Pathway

    Career Credentials



    Drafting Engineering

    Autodesk Certified AutoCAD

    Autodesk Certified Revit


    Arts, A/V, Technology, & Communications

    Digital Design, & Animation


    Adobe Premier Pro

    Autodesk Max 

    ad max



    Intuit QuickBooks Certified User

    Microsoft Office Specialist-Excel


    Health Science

    Healthcare Professional

    First Aid


     First Aid

    Human Services 

    Early Childhood Education

    First Aid 



    Information Technolgy 

    CompTia IT Fundamentals 

    Comp Tia A+ 1001

    Comp Tia A+1002



    CTE Concentrator will take the ACT WorkKeys Exam to possibly earn the WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificate.  A CTE concentrator is a senior who has completed two or more CTE courses in sequential order within a Career Pathway over their high school career.

    The WorkKeys Career Readiness Assessment is a system that measures essential workplace skills. It can also provide employers with needed information for career advancement. By completing the assessments, you can earn the National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC). 

    The NCRC is an assessment-based credential issued at four levels; Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

    It measures and certifies the essential work skills needed for success in jobs across industries and occupations.  You can find more information about the ACTWorkKeys Exam by clicking the link. 

    ACT Workkeys