• Career College Promise

    What is the Career and College Promise (CCP) Program?

    Career & College Promise (CCP) is North Carolina’s dual enrollment program for high school students. This program allows eligible NC high school students to enroll in college classes at North Carolina community colleges and universities through their high school. Students who successfully complete college courses earn college credit they can take with them after graduation. In many cases, students can also earn dual credit — meeting high school graduation requirements with college courses. Career & College Promise offers students the option to choose from these pathways:

    College Transfer — Designed for students planning to continue their educational career beyond high school to eventually achieve an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree at a community college or university.

    Career & Technical Education — Allows students to begin a certification or diploma program in a particular technical field or career area. (NCDPI) 

    Who can apply?  Academy Students who are in the 10th grade can start the paperwork to attend GTCC their Junior year. Students must has a GPA of 3.0 unweighted and have 80% or higher in all current classes. 

    Tracks: Transfer students Associates Degree in Arts  All students will begin the transfer program their junior year taking graduation required classes. 

    Graduation requirements: 2021-2022 
    English 11 and English 12 requirements at the college

    • English 111
    • English 112
    • English 231
    • English 241


    Humanities at the high school or

    • HIS 131 American History 1
    • HIS 132 American History 2


    • Math 3 must be taken at the high school level
    • MAT 171 PreCal (lowest math that will transfer)



    • Students are encouraged to take all Science classes, either Physics or Chemistry at the high school level
    • CHM 151 and CHM 152 Chemistry
    • PHY 151 and PHY 152 Physics 

    Senior year when completed with graduation required classes. Students are able to take aviation classes or continue in the Transfer track.

    Aviation Systems Technology Students going into the maintenance program will start their fall semester with AVI 110 General Maintenance

    Career Pilot Program Students in the career pilot program will complete their ground school while taking AER classes. 

    Please complete the form to determine GTCC and Andrews classes. Only students attending in Spring 2021 need to complete the form. Microsoft form



    CCP Parent Information Meeting.  2/24/21

    Parent information slides. 2/24/21

    If you have any questions, contact David Mayers at mayersd2@gcsnc.com. Director of Aviation