• The Andrews Early College of Health Sciences helps students analyze and solve problems in creative and logical ways, collaborate with team members, engage with teachers and mentors, and access college programs.

    The health sciences pathway teaches students to think and apply knowledge with performance- and problem-based learning, and strengthens mathematics and science education by enrolling students in math and science courses each year. Andrews Early College of Health Sciences offers an opportunity for motivated students to prepare for a future career in the field of health sciences to include nursing, biotechnology, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy or medicine to name a few. Students will have the opportunity to participate in internships to gain practical experience in their field of interest.

    Early College Academy students may also be afforded the opportunity to earn certifications (CNA, pharmacy tech, etc.) through our program.


    Early College of Health Sciences curriculum options

Program Benefits

  • Those who take full advantage of the senior dual-enrollment year avail themselves to the benefits of gaining exposure to the college experience; exhibiting high scholarship potential to their choice college; earning college credit hours; and engaging in a challenging environment that stimulates learning, encourages academic development, and perpetuates maturity. Students who complete the early college program earn an Early College diploma in addition to the GCS diploma.