• Flex Period Tuesday: STEM Book Club

     Not If I Save You First book cover

    Still looking for something to do during Flex on Tuesdays? You should join the STEM book club with Ms. Harris in the Media Center! During the fall semester we will be reading Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter: “A heart-pounding story about a girl stranded in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness with the boy who wronged her... as an assassin moves in.” We will be completing five Makerspace challenges to go along with the book. The challenges involve: computer coding, crafting with fabric, construction with found materials, alphanumeric code breaking, and survival skills. 


    Each challenge will take more than one week to complete, so plan to be at every session, so you don’t miss out! Due to the need to purchase books and materials, spaces are limited for this flex period opportunity. The first 20 students who fill out the link below will be admitted to STEM book club.

    Sign up for STEM Book Club here