Helpful Tips for a Better Nomination

    1. NOMINATION DISCIPLINE – Most students are accomplished in more than one thing. In choosing your nomination discipline, decide on one of which you are both capable and passionate. Having both qualities is usually required for selection in this highly competitive process.

    2. ESSAYS – Start working on your essays long before they are due; last-minute efforts usually are not fruitful. Also, there is not a ‘correct answer’ to the essay prompts. Readers are wanting to gain insight into how you think about these topics, not just what you think.

    3. PERSONAL READINESS – List those activities, awards and experiences that demonstrate your readiness and fitness for the Governor’s School experience. Leadership, dedication and a willingness to take on challenges are good qualities.

    4. RECOMMENDATIONS –Find those who can 1) be honest and 2) speak well of you.Also, high ratings alone are usually insufficient; additional input in the free-response sections help support the ratings. Our readers often have more confidence in well-supported ‘Very Good’ marks than unsupported ‘Superior’ marks.