• National Technical Honor Society honors the achievements of top Career & Technical Education scholars, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. For over 30 years, NTHS has been the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. Please view the national website: https://nths.org/

    As an advisor for the National Technical Honor Society and with over 25 years of mentoring youth, I am honored to provide an experience for 9th through 12th graders at The Academy at Smith to serve as scholar-ambassadors. Scholars will learn how to serve their communities through the facilitation of their advisor, Dr. Garr, and their leadership.

    The purpose of the National Technical Honor Society:

    • Recognize and honor excellence in career and technical education,
    • Encourage students to reach for higher levels of achievement, develop self-esteem and pride,
    • Champion a stronger, more positive image for career and technical education in America,
    • Promote critical workplace values- including skill development, honesty, responsibility, service, citizenship, and leadership,
    • Help member schools and colleges build and maintain effective partnerships with local businesses and industry,
    • Provide greater career opportunities for members and
    • Promote educational excellence in America.

    Costs to join:

    • Induction Fee: $30 –  includes a custom certificate, presentation folder, ID card, member pin, diploma seal, decal, and white graduation tassel with the NTHS drop. Link to see the items: https://nths.org/portal/free-promotional-materials-available/
    • Annual Yearly Dues are $15.


    The Academy at Smith NTHS Scholar-Ambassadors


    There will be several membership opportunities exclusive to scholar-ambassadors of The Academy at Smith. Here are a few of the items we will be doing or planning to do:


    • White Coat Ceremony for Graduating NTHS Seniors who meet the stellar, exemplary attributes of a health science scholar-ambassador (performed prior to their high school graduation)
    • Foundational preparation for leadership in community organization and collegiate clubs through parliamentarian training, lunch & learns with guest speakers, review of bylaws (their governance and procedures), setting agendas and writing of minutes, career development, and building relationships in the surrounding community to provide service.
    • Mentoring and job shadowing with community leaders
    • Participation in the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy
    • Service projects exclusive to the Academy at Smith
  • National Technical Honor Society




    • 3.50 GPA in Career and Technical Education courses
    • 3.00 GPA Unweighted overall
    • ***Freshmen may join per the National Technical Honor Society Chapter Development Coordinator. Freshmen must have an overall Q1 grade of 3.0***


    • Compliance with GCS Attendance Policy
    • NO more than 6 absences


    • No disciplinary suspensions (in school or out of school) for the current school year.


    • Service opportunities will be provided through the Academy’s NTHS. This is to prepare you for providing stellar community service and leadership.
    • Earn participation points by providing community service through other CTSOs and school organizations


    • Three Candidate Nomination sheets are required.
      • First must be by a CTE Teacher (mandatory)
      • Second nomination sheet must be from an academic, non-CTE teacher
      • Third can be the candidate’s choice (any teacher, instructor, or staff member at The Academy)


    • Membership Application & Officer Application forms must be turned in by Friday, November 19, 2021
    • Induction Ceremony will be scheduled for January 2022


    • Total fee for this year will be $45.00. Please do not let the inability to pay the $45 stop the application process. There will be time to have the total paid by the induction.
    • There is a one-time induction fee of $30.00 that goes to the National Office of the National Technical Honor Society. Members will not have to pay this fee, again.
      • This fee covers the following membership package items: portfolio, membership certificate, a lapel pin, white tassel with NTHS logo drop, a window decal, and a diploma seal. It does not cover graduation regalia. 
    • The remaining $15 is for the school dues ($10) and the Career Readiness Portal ($5). Payment can be received in the form of cash, a check (made out to The Academy at Smith with National Technical Honor Society in the memo), or an online link.
    • Please do not let the inability to pay the $45 by November 19, 2021, stop the candidate from applying. There are three options to meet the obligation:
      • Promise to pay on November 19, 2021, the full amount of $45
      • Two-part payment of $30 due by November 19, 2021and, the remaining $15 December 17, 2021, by 5 pm will total $45.
      • Three-part payment of $15 each on these dates: November 19, 2021, December 10, 2021; and December 17, 2021 

    ***Scholars are not considered active NTHS members nor can scholars participate in the Induction Ceremony until all fees are paid***

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