• Welcome to 7th Grade VSN English and 8th Grade English 1!

    English Language Art is the study, practice, and refinement of reading, writing, speaking, listening and presenting skills. All of these skills are essential for success in school and beyond, and practicing reading, writing, speaking, listening, and presenting is a lot of FUN!

    7th Grade VSN English

    In 7th VSN English, students engage independently, in small groups and whole groups with a range of challenging texts. Focuses in this course include developing conceptual reading skills, understanding thematic developments, author's purpose, and other presentation skills. Students also engage in various writing assignments and work to apply teacher and peer feedback in writing. As students are enrolled in English 1 in Grade 8, 7th Grade VSN is a course in which students are taught and assessed on two grade levels of English Language Arts.

    8th Grade English I

    In 8th Grade, students begin the exciting journey of high school English. While English Language Arts standards for Grades 6-8 focus on the development of reading, writing, and presenting skills, high school standards focus on the polishing of these skills and preparation for college. Guilford County Schools has adopted the text and curriculum entitled My Perspectives, which will be adapted and supplemented for the needs of our gifted classroom.