• Class Expectations:

    1. Be Genuine. Be yourself but "walk the walk instead of talking the talk." I want students to be genuine, just like you want a teacher to be genuine in their actions and intent. 

    2. Respect (goes both ways). I will earn your respect, so earn mine. Respect your peers and their desire to learn and better themselves.

    3. Communicate. Let me know if you will miss class. Communicate if you are struggling with anything in class and need help before the end of the semester.

    4. Attendance. This is a "non-negotiable" and you need to be in class on time. "90% of the job is being there." 

    5. Take Ownership. This is your grade, not mine. Take pride in what you do every day in class.

    6. Pride & Effort. Do not be "too cool" to be great in school (I tried hard to avoid the cliche phrase). Have genuine pride in your work and give your best effort. 

    7. Grow. The process and intent to grow means more than just seeking a correct answer. No matter where you are as a student, work to improve yourself and the results will follow.