Respect: Showing courtesy and high regard for all, recognizing differences, acknowledging individual rights, building relationships, honoring the mission, standards, ideals and reputation of the Early/Middle College at Bennett, and maintaining the dignity of Bennett College for Women.


    Responsibility:  Taking ownership of the learning process, adhering to the rules and guidelines that govern behavior, making mature decisions, and keeping the commitment to the belief that success is not an option but an expectation. 


    Coachability:  Being open and accepting of instruction, information, advice and criticism from those in authority and others who will assist in the educational success of the emerging “Young aspiring Women “of the Early/Middle College at Bennett.


     Perseverance:  Striving without hesitation, but with dedication, effort, hard work, and consistency to explore the educational experience that will enhance the development of life-long learners in preparation for a better life in the future.