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    Death in the immediate family, religious observances, and court appointment with legal documentation are exempt from make-up time.  These absences are not included in the excessive absence count. 


    Students are allowed three unexcused absences during a marking period (nine week).  

    When a student has four unexcused absences, she must make up time at the rate of one Extra Help Session of 45 minutes per academic course. 

    The attendance obligation begins at the fourth day of absence from school and applies to each subsequent absence. 

    • Time should be made up immediately following the fourth absence. 
    •  If the absence occurs at the end of a grading period, the absence must be made up within ten days.  
    • During the last grading period of the year, all absences must be made up within that grading period.
    • Time can be made up before school, after school on Tuesday or Thursday, or during other times arranged with teacher.
    • If time is not made up the grade for the marking period will be recorded as a 59/F.

    This attendance policy will be enforced.  Students with poor school attendance, 10 or more unexcused absences per semester and who choose not to make up time through Extra Help Sessions will be reassigned to their attendance zone school.



    If a student has an appointment, she is expected to attend school for part of the day rather than miss the entire day. 

    Students will not be allowed to leave school early without a written note from a parent.  Students must bring the written note to the office at the beginning of the school day.  Parents must come to school or call school if a note is not sent to school.  All students must be signed out in the administrative office when leaving early.  Students who leave school without permission will be considered skipping class and will face disciplinary action. 

    Please note:  

    Early dismissal for students to participate in extra-curricular activities at their attendance zone school will not be excused.  Three early dismissals from the same class will equate to 1 absence and time must be made up for the class



    Promptness to class is very important. An adult at the administrative office must sign in students, who arrive to school late. The student will receive an admittance slip to class.  If students choose not to sign in at the administrative office, they will be considered absent for the day.  Students arriving late will not be admitted to class without their admission slip.  In order to avoid disciplinary action, students must be in class and ready to work when class begins. Three tardies will equate to 1 absence and time must be made up for the class.  Tardiness to any class, Advisory, or school event can affect student’s exam exemption and participation in special events.



    • Students are to report to all classes and events on time.
    • A parent contact will be made when a student is tardy twice to a class/misses a class or event.
    • The third time a student is tardy to class an office referral will be submitted.