Teacher Loan Forgiveness Form Portal

  • Borrowers cannot receive credit toward Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) for the same period. That means, if you seek and receive Teacher Loan Forgiveness, the five-year period of service that supported your eligibility will NOT count toward PSLF. We recommend that you consider whether you are interested in PSLF before deciding to pursue Teacher Loan Forgiveness, because the selected loan forgiveness program cannot be reversed.

    NOTE: The limited PSLF waiver temporarily waives this restriction for individuals who previously received Teacher Loan Forgiveness. Learn more about the limited PSLF waiver.


    Instructions for submitting TLF form to Human Resources for verification and signatures.

    1. Download the TLF form and save to your desired file location. TLF Form
    2. Open the TLF form in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
    3. Complete page 1 and 2 of the TLF form.
      1. You may enter the last 4 of your SSN when submitting to HR. You will need to FILL IN COMPLETE SSN before submitting to U.S. Department of Education.
      2. Make sure you print and sign the signature line on page 2. (Must be hand written.)
    4. Scan and save the TLF form.
    5. Open this site to submit form to HR.
    6. Click Select Files and choose your scanned TLF form.
    7. HR will verify, complete the form, and return to the email address listed on page 1. Forms will be processed in the order they are received.
      1. If an alternative return method is desired, please call (336) 378-8822 immediately after submitting the form.
    8. Fill in complete SSN and sign page 2.
    9. Send your completed form to:
      1. Mail to U.S. Department of Education, FedLoan Servicing, P.O. Box 69184 Harrisburg, PA 17106-9184
      2. Fax to 717-720-1628
      3. Upload to MyFedLoan.org/FileUpload, if FedLoan Servicing is already your provider.